Zelda Rose

Zelda Rose#

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A straightforward trainer for transformer-based models. In others words a teacher of muppets.

Zelda Rose is a command line interface for pretraining transformer-based models. Its purpose is to enable an easy start for users interested in training these ubiquitous models, but unable or unwilling to engage with more comprehensive — but more complex — frameworks and the complex interactions between libraries for managing models, datasets and computations. Training a model requires no code on the user’s part and produce models directly compatible with the 🤗 ecosystem, allowing quick and easy distribution and reuse. A particular care is given to lowering the cost of maintainability and future-proofing, by making the code as modular as possible and taking advantage of third-party libraries to limit ad-hoc code to the strict minimum. (Grobol, 2023)

Getting Started#

Check out Get started.


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